Appearance - Beat Crazy always maintains a sharp & professional image. We are appropriately dressed for formal occasions in a suit or tux. Our stage set-up is also visually pleasing with equipment in felt presentation cases & cords neatly hidden.
Contact - Beat Crazy DJ Entertainment, PO Box 121, Northville, MI 48167.
(248) 875-3137 email. One-on-one meetings & live events by appointment only.
Emergency - We carry a full set of backup audio equipment for on-the-road emergencies. In case of a personal emergency, we secure an experienced DJ to assure a quality replacement.
Experience - Beat Crazy satisfies all audiences. With over 1500 events performed, we can accommodate anything from a high-energy dance party to a relaxed, sophisticated cocktail reception.
Equipment - Beat Crazy performs with superior rated commercial sound & lighting. Our music library is managed on a laptop with specialized DJ software. All events include complementary dance floor lighting.
History - Beat Crazy DJ Entertainment has 23 years in the disc jockey / entertainment business. We possess a history of sales & marketing in commercial radio, non-profit broadcasting, entertainment, and the hospitality industry.
Music - Beat Crazy provides thousands of songs encompassing 80 years of popular music. Our library specializes in pop artists, current hits, cult favorites, & one hit wonders. Upon request, we can venture into a progressive or specialty format. Our library also contains popular ethnic, classical, & jazz.
Planning - All clients receive a personal consultation to develop a customized timeline for their event. All M.C. formalities, introductions, speeches, toasts, dedications, and music lists are thoroughly planned prior. We submit a master itinerary for final proofing & approval.
Rates - Prices range $80-$130 per performance hour. Every client receives a custom quote. Rate depends on type of event, time of year, time of day, day of week, length, and location. Our prices range 30%- 50% lower than competitors with equivalent experience & service.
Requests - We love them! We allow clients to submit an unlimited request list prior to their event. We always provide an “open request” policy at events, unless otherwise specified by the client.
Reserving - We require 30% of the total balance as a deposit to hold a date. The remaining balance is due the night of the event. If an event cancels or reschedules 45 days prior to the scheduled date, clients are eligible for a deposit refund.
Specialty - Beat Crazy specializes in weddings, class reunions, themed events, and filling dance floors! Our talent & experience accommodates all crowds while creating a fresh and exciting performance for every event.
Style - Fun, outgoing, friendly, upbeat, and tasteful. We strive to make sure all guests have a special and memorable experience.
Video - An assortment of live clips have been compiled on our Facebook page.